Employers Set Up Tax-Favored Leave-Based Donation Programs Aiding Harvey Victims

donate your vacation.fwHurricane Harvey tore through Texas and Louisiana, moving slowly from August 25th through August 30th, before moving out of the area and dumping flood waters in other parts of the nation as well.

The devastation caused by one of the worst hurricanes in recorded U.S. history has left many asking what they can do to be of help in relief efforts. Many employees may be asking what contributions they’re able to make in partnership with their employer. The IRS has announced that it will permit employers to set up tax-favored leave-based donations programs. Continue reading

One Question That You Can’t Ask Job Applicants

Overlapping Caution, Warning, Danger and Hazard Tape BackgroundIn an effort to continue working toward closing the gender wage gap, more states are enacting laws that prevent an employer from asking a candidate or applicant for compensation history.

Delaware is the most recent state to sign a law (effective December 2017) restricting employers from asking for compensation history. They can however, consider a candidate’s salary history should the applicant share that information voluntarily. It will still be legal for employers to share the salary range of the positions they are hiring for, and to ask a candidate what their desired salary range is.   Continue reading

Tired of Poor Customer Support from Your HR Software Providers?

Our lives are becoming increasingly digitized. We see it everywhere. McDonald’s is replacing workers with machines, we’re on our mobile devices 24/7 and we rely heavily on systems in the workplace. With all the technology out there, are humans becoming obsolete in the digital world? The answer is no. Humans still play a crucial role, especially in the area of customer support and service. In fact when it comes to support, customers want a real person on the other end versus a computer or machine giving them irrelevant, automated responses. Technology has made consumers and system users even more demanding when it comes to expecting faster response times, precise answers and easy solutions when seeking out help. According to the Harvard Business Review, “delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty; reducing their effort—the work they must do to get their problem solved—does.” This is especially important when we rely on systems to get the job done and need a quick solution.
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