3 Surprising Ways an All-In-One Solution Will Disappoint You

Enterprise SolutionLet’s say that, for your next date-night, you choose the new fancy steakhouse in town. Their chef is world-famous, and you’ve never seen such stellar reviews for a pricey steak dinner. They promise to cater to your every need for the evening, and the meal does not disappoint. That is, until your dessert arrives. Where the rest of your dinner thrilled, your bland, boring soufflé falls, literally and figuratively, flat.

Sure, you might go back for that killer steak, but the next time the waiter asks if you’d like a dessert menu, you politely pass, despite your insistent sweet-tooth. Why would you settle for a lackluster lava cake, when the best bakery in town is right down the street? The bakery staff are experts in their craft, and their passion and expertise are reflected in their unique creations and uncompromising service. You know that their meringues and macarons will never, ever disappoint. Dessert is important! Why would you compromise? Continue reading

Tired of Poor Customer Support from Your HR Software Providers?

Our lives are becoming increasingly digitized. We see it everywhere. McDonald’s is replacing workers with machines, we’re on our mobile devices 24/7 and we rely heavily on systems in the workplace. With all the technology out there, are humans becoming obsolete in the digital world? The answer is no. Humans still play a crucial role, especially in the area of customer support and service. In fact when it comes to support, customers want a real person on the other end versus a computer or machine giving them irrelevant, automated responses. Technology has made consumers and system users even more demanding when it comes to expecting faster response times, precise answers and easy solutions when seeking out help. According to the Harvard Business Review, “delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty; reducing their effort—the work they must do to get their problem solved—does.” This is especially important when we rely on systems to get the job done and need a quick solution.
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